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Friends, Family, & Colleagues,

Tuesday marks a special day for me.  As of August 18th, 2015 I will officially be a published author!  I am one of 23 contributing authors in the book: “VOICES OF INSPIRATION”.  My chapter is entitled: “Fearless in Entrepreneurship”.  I thank you for your support in advance our successful “VOICES OF INSPIRATION” Book Launch which is taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18th.

I appreciate you in helping make this VOICES book an Amazon Best-Seller. With enough concentrated purchases on the same day and same time, we’ll make that happen.

Not only will this book inspire you to be your absolute best, when you get your copy on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 from 10:00am to 4:00pm EST from Amazon, it will come with a thousand dollars in bonuses from the highly respected authors, speakers and industry experts who are contributing to this successful book campaign.

On August 18th, we are making the VOICES eBook just 99cents.  The retail book price is $20.00.  On August 18th, you will be able to make your 99cents purchase at: http://amzn.to/1ExP6n7

To ensure that our “VOICES OF INSPIRATION” Book really comes alive, we have created a special VOICES online community through Facebook.  To join our community, visit:



Join us this May 23rd for an exclusive limo bus ride to the Linganore Wine Festival for the Caribbean Wine, Food & Art Festival.  The AskCherado Team invites our friends & fans to ride in style and party on the way there with cocktails, party with us under our tent while enjoying the festivities and networking with like minded beautiful people, and the best part of all ride back home with the peace of mind of no drinking and driving.  The $125pp includes limo bus ride to/from, cocktails & snacks for the ride, and the entrance fee to the festival. Purchase tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/linganore-wine-festival-sexy-limo-bus-extravaganza-with-askcherado-tickets-16665059642 – For more info contact Cherado@AskCherado.com.

William Levy
Sexy Summer Body

For all of you looking to drop a few pounds before it’s officially summer 2015, here is my personal Sexy Summer Diet Guidelines:

  • Red Meats once a week, no more than 4oz
  • Fish is preferred protein, no more than 6oz
  • NO Dairy (Animal Milk & Cheese)
  • NO White Carbs (No bread, flour, SUGAR – limit Sweeteners)
  • Acceptable Carbs: Whole Grains only ¼ cup portions twice daily
  • Fruit: 1-2 portions a day (apples & berries) no more than ¼ cup
  • Vegetables (Green Leafy Veggies only – no more than ½ cup)
  • No butter or oils
  • Water: Drink your weight times 67% (140lbs * .67 = 93.8oz = 11.7 glasses of water daily. For every 30 mins of working out you need to add 12oz of water to replenish. Drink 16oz 1 hour prior to sleeping and another 16oz upon waking up
  • NO Juice (unless juicing natural organic products – no more than 8 oz. twice daily as a meal replacement)
  • Preferred Drink is water, but if you must have iced tea without sweetener (absolutely no diet sodas, diet teas, drinks from containers)
  • Cocktails: Vodka/Club Soda or White Tequila/Club Soda 3 limes (3 max – twice weekly) Red wines preferred, but white wine acceptable. (No Moscatos, Rieslings or Rose’ – absolutely NO sweet desert wines) No brown liquor.
  • Workout least 3-4 times weekly for a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio each time.

Let’s get summer sexy! Save the date for my Birthday Bash Pool Party Situation on June 21st noon-8pm.

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The AskCherado Radio Show starts today on our new station WLVS listenvisionlive.com.  Our new day is Tuesdays from 8-9pm.  We are video streaming #live for the first time in AskCherado history.  Listeners can still listen online or via TuneIn App by inputing WLVS Radio. #urbanradio #radio #listionvisionlive

Unapologetically Skinny!


Skinny is a relative term, generally means you are on the thinner side and not over weight.  I’m 5-10 pounds over weight right now and I feel it and know it. Yet, the world needs to chime in on how I’m a #skinnybish and need to chillax.  The reality is that if you don’t feel good about your weight and how you look, then you don’t feel you best!  Excuse me for always wanting to feel my best!  I’m not apologizing or holding back on my comments on dieting, working out, shedding a few pounds, etc.  If I’m making you feel bad because you have more than 5 pounds to lose, I’m sorry, but not really!

Too often others attempt to make us feel some kind of way about wanting to achieve our version of perfect.  Why?  They don’t have true understanding of our personal goals.  I used to be especially sensitive to the feelings of larger people when commenting on weight loss or toning up.  I had a friend tell me once that it was insensitive to discuss losing 5-10 pounds when the rest of the world was struggling with much more weight to lose?  I listened and took her viewpoint into consideration for a minute. After further thought and a few years, I’ve changed my mind.  I need to lose 5-10 pounds and that’s what it is. Unapologetically!!! – Cherado

What do AskCherado readers think about this topic? We want to hear from you! #skinny #weightloss #skinnybishesunite #celebratingme #women #mystruggle


Fierce… Fearless… Fabulous

Yes! It’s that Time again!

This week’s Fierce… Fearless… Fabulous recognition goes to the amazing ladies of Evok Life.


                (from left to right)

The MogulMrs. Radiah Rhodes, aka the “perfectionist”

The MuseMs. Celena Gill, aka the “Diva of Fashion/Style”

And last but not least,

The Mastermind Dr. Roni Ellington, aka the “know it all”

After having a quick chit-chat after the show with Mrs. Radiah, the mogul, I was very eager to get this post done, and learn more about the wonderful ladies of Evok Life. The amount of effort and dedication these woman are putting into being “life coaches” is beyond astonishing to me!

Who said white jackets were only worn by surgeons? These women are helping shift, and shape you mentally and physically, as well as put you where you want to be in living a healthy and unfiltered life one provocative lifestyle at a time.

Evok Life stands behind the motto “life starts when you STOP” and “doing what you gotta do”. In the hands of these ladies you have your source of support of Provocateurs that pushes you to STOP and LIVE the Provocative Life, which is unapologetic and full of passion, wants not musts, and impact without self-sacrifice.

You can reach the beautiful women of Evok Life on:

EvokLife ‘s Website

Evok Life’s Twitter

Evok Life’s Facebook

Evok Life’s LinkedIn

Phone: 240.326.EVOK

or Email

My Money. Your Money. Or Our Money?

As I began to reflect on this topic I realized I had a biased opinion on financial stability. Not until now, had I realized the importance of maintaining your own “stash” in a relationship.

For years, I have always taken care of myself until things became extremely difficult after I quit my job (which is neither here nor there) and had nowhere else to turn but to my significant other for constant support. Although this did not create an issue with us, I saw how much of a bind I had created. Moving forward, I found another job just for the money but the thoughts of having to play catch up and not being able to fully take care of myself sat very uneasy on my mind.

Now the problem didn’t come from my significant other being forced to take care of me (us), but giving up my financial independence created a lot of insecurities within myself. I felt like I had to completely cater to the “bread winner’s” life or opinion more than mine. Never did my spouse say I had too, but I felt as if it was more like an “unsaid sense of control” or “payback” for taking care of me when I did not have it.


I created issues in my mind and relationship because of money! I was ruining my life. I realized how disappointed I had become with myself for not being able to “hold us down” or pick us up when times got rough.

I felt like I failed myself, and our relationship. SO after being blessed with another job opportunity I took that and made sure I picked up my slack and “held us down”. Which in return, gave me my sense of independence and self-security back.

Truth is: When you allow yourself to lose your financial independence, no you’re not losing your value, but you’re definitely losing a part of your voice and value you hold in “bringing to the table”. It’s easy to feel like someone is controlling you when they have the money, whether you split it 50/50 or not.

Its’ still THEIRS.

As a woman, I was taught to never leave the house without a dollar in my pocket & never enter a relationship without money in my account.

..You Just Never Know What May Happen.


Read more about Financial Stability and independence:

When you think about Fierce, Fearless and Fabulous you think about a woman doing her thanggg! But truly, whoever said FFF was just for women?

brian hawkins- guestTake a look at Brian Hawkins and his amazing work in the community and for the community.

Not only has he taught as an English teacher and Religion Professor at NOVA, he’s written, directed, and produced various stage plays through a small theater production company that he owns. To compliment his stage productions, he has also  written and self-published a novel called “Confessions of a Black Man’s Soul” and a novella called “Flesh & Blood: An America’s Kingdom Diary”.

He is presently the co-creator and writer of a comic book series called “I Am Michael Watcher”.Which as in awesome series! The comic book  is about a young man named Luqas Cohen, who woke up with a tattoo of “i am Micheal Watcher” on his stomach and two weeks of his life completely unaccounted for and has no idea why! Come to find out the tattoo on him is the calling card of a killer that has taken three student’s lives that once attended his academy. So the story is an ongoing mystery of who this Micheal Watcher REALLY is!

The mystery behind the comic book is suspenseful and has me wanting more!

Thank you Brian for sharing this amazing comic book series with AskCherado!

I’m ready to figure out who this “Micheal Watcher” is, aren’t you?

So until this mystery unfolds my eyes WILL be glued to this story!

brian hawkins- FFF

You can catch Mr. Hawkins working on www.skinnyboystudios.blogspot.com

Or on Twitter: @SkinnyBoyStudio

Yes! We have heard all the buzz marijuana is beginning to cause, so last night we finally “sparked” the conversation.

To legalize Mary Jane, or not to legalize Mary Jane?marijuana-revolution

Now, my opinion is probably extremely biased but ill keep this brief. I’m just trying to understand what the h*ll is wrong with marijuana? If alcohol is legal to those over 21, why on God’s GREEN Earth (hint hint) is something that is naturally grown for more than just social or medicinal reasons illegal?

..Something’s not adding up.

I’ve asked a hand full of people how they felt about legalizing marijuana and honestly it’s all the same, hmm maybe because I know a lot of smokers? How many accidents besides the traditional mid-day naps, and “munchies” have you heard due to marijuana use? Opposed to alcohol or meth, shoot even k2.

I’ve always thought the world would be a much better place if they just inhaled earth, and exhaled rebirth. (LOL)  Granted, the world would be a very lazy and creative place. I can almost bet money, everyone would be way to hungry to fight.

..unless it was for food, course.


What are your thoughts on legalizing Marijuana??



Let’s face it, great sex and faletio (ha-ha) is key to any functional relationship. Just kidding that would be trust and communication !! As an adult we all know sex plays a huge part on how successful a relationship is or can be.

To wait 90 days? Or not to wait 90 days? is the REAL question.

See, there are dos and don’ts to this sketchy situation. I believe sex is imperative to any successful and healthy relationship, it’s the bonding of one soul to another. When having sex you’re not only physically absorbing the pleasure you’re mentally throwing it back. That’s right, your aura is being exchanged with this person whether it’s until death does you part, a quickie, or a one night stand. For some reason as human beings, we believe that early sex can help us determine if this person is worth the wait. While other’s firmly believe waiting will ensure longevity and marriage.

But let’s be real, we all have raging hormones that need to be satisfied every so often. Here are some pros and cons for waiting to have sex:


  • You know the saying “you can’t buy a car without test driving it first.” Well this is true, you can’t go into a situation blinded. If marriage is your goal, no sex before marriage can lead to an unhappy relationship, divorce or stepping out. Sexual satisfaction is just as important as financial stability.
  • Sex uses about five calories per minute, four more calories than watching TV. It gives you a one-two punch: It bumps up your heart rate and uses various muscles.
  • Sex also lowers your stress levels. One theory about why this occurs is that intercourse requires more complex brain activity; another idea is that it stimulates a number of important nerves not triggered during other sexual activity.

A few cons to having sex early are:

  • “Catching another body” whether you’re a man or woman, it’s never canny to be known as someone that just has casual sex with everyone they deal with.
  • No contracting STD’s. There is no condom in the world that secures either of you from passing along certain STD’s. No who your partner is and who you’re dealing with!
  • Not having sex too early ensures you know what you both want from each other mentally and emotionally. And should allow better communication in the relationship.

You should weigh all the pros and cons to the situation before you exchange auras and leave a piece of yourself with this person forever.

And remember always practice safe sex!!

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